Can i wash my earpods in water cz they are mentioned to be water resistant&sweat resistant?..  Can the earwax get into earpods speaker grills?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    Accidentally..... I left my earpods in my jeans pocket... it was only a matter of time when the jeans were thrown in the washing machine....

    They are still working.... but I would not recommend it :)

  • I was having a problem in one ear phone. It was more quiet than the other which was really annoying. I assumed it was a wax build-up because it had nothing to do with the wiring. After reading that water could work and that it wasn't recommended I figured that I may as well try it. I took a small piece of paper towel and dabbed it into water then washed the headphone, making sure to get into the speaker part. This took less than a minute. I checked it and it worked just fine after that. Although it's not recommend it, it is worth a try. Ironic how water fixed a headphone problem.

  • My earphones just went thought the wash the other day and they still work fine. Of course i would not recommend this practise but I'm glad they still work.

  • I had a little bit of earwax in mine and it was annoying because they are hard to clean, but I accidentally washed them and when i found them in the dryer, they worked perfectly and were perfectly clean... I don't recommend but it does work...

  • Earwax does get in, but so far no build-up because I blow them out every time I pull them out of my ears. Preventive Maintenance, buddy.

  • I use an alcohol swab to clean mine and it works great!