Can it be used with iphone 5

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    Yes it can be used with the iphone 5 as long as the 30pin lightning adapter is on there. It doesn't fit perfectly in the space they provided you, but it is sturdy on the dock. As long as that doesn't bother you then it is fine.

  • It looks like this dock uses the 30pin connector, so it won't work directly with the iPhone 5. But the solution for the iPhone 5 to be used with this dock would be one of the new 30pin to lightning adapter. The only other question is if it will fit in the space provided.

  • It does work with the iPhone5 but if you want it to sit on the dock then you need the Lightening to 30pin adapter. The phone fits on the dock with adapter and is stable but it does look a bit odd. It works fine though.

    You can use the iFusion without placing the phone on the dock as it uses bluetooth to connect to the phone. Therefore, the phone can sit on your desk and you can use the iFusion either via the handset or as a speaker phone. I experienced a problem with this when I took my phone away from my desk but the iFusion was still within bluetooth range. Connecting only when the phone is in the dock solves this problem.

  • The answer is yes. At first I had a problem, but reading other posts I realized I just had to pair my new iPhone 5 with the device (it was previously paired with my iphone 4) by holding down the bluetooth icon on the ifusion for 5 seconds as per the user's manual.

  • Yes - ignore the last answer. I use my iPhone 5 in the case, but had to cut the connector hole in the case larger to suit the base of the 30pin adapter. My iPhone is setup to pair with the iFusion whenever it's in the dock (on the adapter).

  • The adapter will not work as it only supports the charging feature,