Can the Airport Time Capsule help me keep the same information, mirrored, continuously updated in real time, synchronised across two devices + airport

I would like to connect an Airport Time Capsule to maintain a backup and synchronise to two other devices; MacbookPro and IMac. I would like the same data maintained (mirrored) across the three locations; allowing me to use any device and then be able to access and update files easily from any other device: e.g. work on IMac and walk out of the door with my Macbook and for the same files to be ready. I do not want partitioned drives or any hassles moving files around between drives. There is sufficient space on all devices. I prefer to transfer files through hardwires and/or the wifi network, rather than any cloud device to avoid subscription costs.

Will this work, or will I risk adding more complexity to my life needing to manage my files across multiple devices? (someone mentioned the airport might need two partitioned areas of the drive: one for each device, which would be a hassle and not manageable).

Is there a better solution? To achieve easy access across all devices to same files, as well as maintain a backup.

Thank you in advance!

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AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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