Can the hard-drive do double-duty doing TimeMachine back-ups of my computers and also store lots of files to free up hard disk space on my laptop?

I bought the 3TB model so I could wirelessly back up my computers, but I need to know if the same hard drive can do double-duty as a TimeMachine back-up system AND networkable storage for files that can be accessed by each of my computers on the network. I want to free up space on my laptop but I don't want to lose the files. I would like to know if the hard drive in the 3TB model will be usable for all the files from two notebooks and one desktop, and still store additional files that may be accessed by each of my computers from time to time?

  • Asked by fn from Deerfield Beach
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AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    I do exactly that...

    I have created a movies directory and copied all videos onto it. That directory is visible to all computers.

    I also backup 2 macbooks to the same drive.

    • Answered by David R from London