Can this also work with the Apple Leather cases as well?

  • Asked by Marion F from Epping

2 Answers from the Community

  • I love it better w/the leather. Is stays in 1 perfect place oppose to sliding. I also use w/ PopSockets car vent. I'm not fond of the lint/dust silicone attracts. I will be returning the silicone case I ordered to go with since it works w/leather so well. A lotta people who also use w/car vent says the phone slides down. I only use PS as stand to view in landscape mostly. So as long as you'll be ok w/it being stationary I suggest trying. Moving it a lot would ruin the leather I suppose & I guess that's why they didn't advertise to pair with.

    • Answered by Clarice M from Henrico
  • I've been using it on the Apple leather case without a problem.

    • Answered by Marla B from Chicago