Can this be used to speed up an Apple TV connection?

My landlord's wireless router is only 802.11b, whilst this is okay for their internet access (which is only 4Mbps) it means that when I am trying to use home sharing on Apple TV the connection is really bad. Can I attach this by ethernet cable to the existing router and stream from iTunes on my MacBook Air to Apple TV at a much faster rate or will the wireless network it creates be restricted by the internet download speed?

  • Asked by fn
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    With any network (wireless or hard wired), the whole system is only as fast as the slowest part as it acts like a bottle neck.

    In your case, if the music or show is already downloaded onto your Mac, then it sounds like you may be on your limits distance wise from the router and it is cutting in and out. If signal strength is good, and you are streaming, then adding the Express won't change anything.

    To check this out before splashing out your hard earned money, hard wire your components utilising a LAN cable (CAT5 or similar) and if it is improved, then it is the wireless network that is acting as the weak point.

    Short answer, if streaming and hard wired you still have issues, then Express won't do anything for you. If it is good, buy it as it will help. My thoughts without knowing exact details, upgrade the internet plan.

    • Answered by Peter C from Swanbourne