can we use airport extreme used as repeater router

I am having a service provider wifi router as base station and recently purchased airport extreme.Is it possible to use it as repeater router to expand range of wifi network

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    You could yes but unless your service provider's wifi router has 802.11ac, then you are wasting your money buying an extreme. Just get the express maybe? Or, do what I did, disable wifi on your sp's router, connect the extreme to it using an ethernet cable and then use that to run your wifi, adding express units around the house as you go if you want to boost the signal or make use of an ethernet port somewhere else? I found that moving from the router wifi to the extreme made a HUGE difference to the quality and range of the wifi in the house as it's just a much better, stronger and more capable wifi device.

  • Yes. I use a wired connection though to avoid increased packet delays over the wireless connection.