Can you charge an iPhone with one port and an iPad with the other?  Will this cause any problem such as overheating or too much power to one device?

Dual charger use

  • Asked by fn from Minnetonka
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    Yes, you can charge both an iPad and iPhone at the same time.
    The charger will detect what amount of charge each individual device requires, and only provide that.
    As for overheating, it should be just fine. Any adaptor will heat up when in use, but it should heat up that much. It will heat up more if the device needs more charging (eg. Charging iPad from flat battery).

    • Answered by Christopher S from Fadden
  • No. The charger has built in circuitry so it communicates with your devices to deliver the correct amount of power to each one. In fact you could charge two iPads with the sun bearing down on your car without a problem.

    • Answered by John H from Brisbane