Can you charge it from the laptop or does it need to connect separately to power to charge up the battery?

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    Yes. It uses a micro USB to charge. It can connect to a laptop.

  • One problem - the supplied charging cable is very short - obviously intended to be stacked under a laptop while charging. I use my iPad charger, plugging into that, but it requires the keyboard to be very close to the power outlet.

  • You would connect it to the laptop or any other usb 5v power source. The laptop does't supply a great deal of current, so if you threw a bit more at it, perhaps a fill 1Ah or even 2 it would charge faster. As current is 'drawn' and not 'pushed' it would only be able to draw the max amount the battery is capable of. So you would take the amp hour rating of the cells and figure the charge time from that. So, 1000 MAh battery charging at a paltry 250 MAh would take 4 hours to charge, while at 2Ah it would charge in 30 minutes. You must just take care to check the battery in case of heat or expansion the first time around so you know its true limitations. If it gets hotter than quite warm disconnect, and if it starts to expand IMMEDIATELY cut the power as it is at the proverbial critical mass and lithium cells will burst into flames.