Can you use it on airplanes or cruise ships

I am going to different islands and going to be in the middle of no where

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    An AirPort Express is used to create a wireless network. You could use it where ever you want, as long as wireless networking is allowed, which I doubt on a plane, but on a ship you would be fine.

    But it seems like you believe that having a wireless network offers you access to the internet; it does not. You always need to connect your AirPort Express, or any other wireless router or wireless access point for that matter, to a modem which is connected to the internet.

  • On an airplane....NO. It's not allowed. But more to the point, you wouldn't need to use it on an airplane. You would simply connect to the aircraft's WiFi system--supposing WiFi is available. On board ship it could be used.