Can you use the AirPort Extreme with a modem and router all in one

  • Asked by fn from Youngsville
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    Yes you can do so.
    Here are the steps you are going to take:

    1. Setup your Modem and Router all in one, getting it provisioned by your ISP.
    2. Either have the ISP do it, or on your own computer, go to the Modem/Router's setup page, something like
    or, and turn off DHCP on the Routing Setup. This Turns the Modem back into a just
    a modem that will hand down one IP address to the next device in line.
    3. Plug in your Airport Extreme, and set it up using the Airport Utility on your mac. When asked,
    you will set this up as a router and have it choose to hand out addresses beginning with
    (The airport Extreme will now be
    4. Reboot both the Modem and the Airport Extreme for good measure.

    Now you are all set. The Modem will receive signal from your ISP, have a default address that it will pass to the
    Airport Extreme, and the Airport Extreme will hand out addresses on your network.

    • Answered by Terry J from Oklahoma City
  • Yes

    • Answered by Tonya B from Lees Summit