Can you use upright go while you are pregnant?

  • Asked by fn from Woodland Hills
UPRIGHT GO Posture Trainer

UPRIGHT GO Posture Trainer

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  • Hi Seabra and thanks for reaching out to us.
    Following your inquiry, UPRIGHT has been tested and received all the necessary approvals in the US and Europe regarding communications and electronics and is safe to use.
    The device has Bluetooth radiation- We use 1mW for our Bluetooth, which is much lower than a cell phone and considered safe.
    In any case, if you do worry, which is totally understandable, we have an 'airplane mode' which you can switch on to avoid any kind of radiation.

    If you have any doubts about using UPRIGHT while pregnant, we recommend that you consult a doctor.

    If you have additional questions, I'd be happy to help :)
    Kind regards,
    Upright team

    • Answered by Amos R