Could I use this dock with a MacBook Pro (Mid-2015) that has TB2 by using a TB3 to Mini DP cable? Or do I need a TB2 cable + a TB2 to TB3 adapter?

Or could I instead use a USB (Type A) 3.0 to TB3 cable/adapter?

  • Asked by Greg P from Austin

3 Answers from the Community

  • I did try the TB2 cable + a TB2 to TB3 adapter configuration with a MacBook Pro 13 inch (2015) and that doesn't work. It won't even charge it. If anyone has another solution...

    • Answered by Julien L from Montréal
  • You need a TB2 cable + a TB2 to TB3 adapter from Apple. Apple's is the only bi-directional adapter that will allow you connect your TB2 MBP.

    • Answered by Samuel H from Fort Leavenworth
  • Hello Greg, In order for the TS3 Plus to work with a Thunderbolt 2 computer, you will have to use Apple's Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. Using a TB3 to Mini DP cable or USB-A to TB3 adapter will not work.

    • Answered by Dalton M from Placentia