does it work with fitness pal I have a 4S

can i sync the fit bit with the fitness pal i have on my 4S. if os, how do i do it. Thank you

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    The short answer is "yes" -- I prefer to do this, since MyFitnessPal (MFP) has a much better food library than Fitbit's own site.

    The steps to do this:

    1. Buy the Zip
    2. Install the Fitbit app on your phone. Follow the instructions to set up your Zip as a new tracker.
    3. Log in to the MFP web site from a computer. From the main dashboard, select the "Apps" tab and follow the steps to link to your Fitbit account.

    You will need to open the Fitbit app periodically to sync over your step count and calories to MFP. If you'd rather, instead of Step 2, you can install the Fitbit sync software on your home or office PC, and it will grab the data when you are nearby.

    Once you establish this linkage, you'll need to be sure to enter each kind of data in only one place -- for example, I track food in MFP, and exercise and weight in Fitbit. All the data will then sync across and be available in both places.