Does it work with the HomeKit Secure Video iCloud storage?

  • Asked by Sean D from Oakland

4 Answers from the Community

  • Yes, brilliantly. I have 5 cameras. It’s cheaper and better than the native cloud storage service from logi

    • Answered by Oliver H
  • Logitech have stated they will support HomeKit Secure Video "later this year". Mine does not currently have the option but everywhere I look states Logitech has said it will come to the Circle 2 with a free firmware update.

    • Answered by Wylan S from Cedar Lake
  • Yes- once you add the camera to the Logitech cloud, there is an option to update the firmware to HKSV from within the Logi Circle app. This removes the camera from the Logitech cloud, and you have to cancel any subscriptions for video storage. There have been issues with the camera disappearing from HomeKit and inability to add it back in - I would suggest monitoring the Logi community boards to see if it's still an issue.

    • Answered by Craig D from Maple Grove
  • I recently (12/2019) returned this product because it did not work with HomeKit, even though the packaging stated it would. I could only use it through the Logitech App, which offered a different cloud service.

    • Answered by Gail D from Atlanta