Does the Airport Extreme work with Fixed wireless NBN

  • Asked by fn from Winslow
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    HI there,
    My Optus supplied sagemcom f@st 3864 modem which was connected to the NBN.
    Had a power outage, when it came back on the modem was fried.
    Tried to reset it but no instructions anywhere on the net for this modem.
    Read an article suggesting to try the Airport Extreme. So I did.
    To my shock it worked perfectly, just factory restored the Airport Extreme and set up as a new network, it seemed to choose all the right settings for me.
    Just plugged the ethernet from the fibre box directly into the extreme and it worked well both wirelessly and wired on a few close devices.
    No good for Voip Phone obviously but if its just internet you need than this modem shocked the pants off me, it seems a lot quicker than the sagecom and not as many drop outs which are annoying.
    The only setting I altered was the security setting from the defaulted WPA2 Personal to WPA/WPA2 Personal as I have a mixture of old and new devices mostly apple.
    Good luck, i was using my extreme to extend my wireless network. Considering how good it works I might buy another to extend this network if I get issues out the back of the property with wireless even though the range seems to be better than the optus supplied version also.
    Thanks, I hope this helps

    • Answered by Steven B from Blacktown