Does the Airport/Time Capsule Support Remote Access from the Internet. DDNS, Dynamic DNS, Wide area Bonjour,

Hi, I have seen others ask questions on DDNS - I am not so worried about DDNS specifically (although this would seem the most sensible way to support this capability).
Is there ANY way from the device itself? (not a Mac, PC or something else sat behind it) to allow remote connection from the internet back into the device. For instance to remote access the time capsule, access a device such as an IP Camera etc. I do not have a static IP address fomr my ISP so I need some way to broadcast this via a dynamic DNS service or other method that you can provide, but it needs to be form the router as I do not have a Mac or PC or other device permanently left 'on' behind the Airport.

  • Asked by fn from Winter Park
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    I'm using dynamic dns from on my apple airport router and i have no issue.

    • Answered by Pislaru L
  • The Airport and Time Capsule do not support DDNS update. But the port forwarding is still there. If you connect your NAS or IPCAM to the Airport/ Time capsule, you can use enable DDNS update on your NAS or IPCAM. I tried this on my network and this way work well.

    • Answered by Desmond W