Does the iFusion connect the handset using the standard modular 4P4C handset connector (sometimes called an "RJ9" or an "RJ22")?

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  • In short, yes.

    I suspect the real question that is being asked is whether or not it can be used with a headset that attaches between the base station and the handset. The answer to that is yes as well. I have used it with 2 different Plantronics headsets that attach between the base station and handset. They both came with handset lifter, so if properly installed, you can use the button on the headset to lift the handset on the base station to answer the call.

    Only problem I have had, and not sure if it's just the specific dock I received, is that I couldn't get the sync to work with iTunes. However, that is easily bypassed by using wi-fi to sync the phone if that's what you need to do.

    My cell phone is my office phone, and I work at home. Using this base station has allowed me to use my iPhone just like a desk phone with a headset. Without it, I would be completely hosed.