Does this work with Windows 10 Bootcamp?

Blackmagic eGPU

Blackmagic eGPU

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    No, as of now (Late July 2018) it only works with MacOS

  • If you're booting into software other than MacOS, the Mac firmware will deactivate its integrated GPU if it detects an eGPU. However, this can cause non-MacOS operating systems to hang on macbooks without a discrete internal GPU. The eGPU forum has a post on using eGPUs with bootcamp here:

  • No, as clearly stated in the product's FAQ and description.

  • No, per the Blackmagic FAQ Bootcamp does not support external GPUs.

  • I can't say first hand but I did find this article on that says: "The company says that there are compatibility issues with Windows that may affect the device." Sorry, I can't post the link, this site won't let me.

  • Taken from the FAQ page on Blackmagic design website.

    Does Blackmagic eGPU works on Windows using Bootcamp?

    No, Apple’s Bootcamp software does not currently support eGPUs.