Hi, has anyone managed to dock a nano 7th gen? lightning to 30-pin

I have a Nano 7th gen and my Pure docking unit has the 30 pin

Has anyone bought the adapter offered by apple for an extortionate £25? Did it work? if it works I'll have to buy one

I thought I would just buy a 30-pin to lightning adapter and it would work. I didn't fancy paying £25 from apple so bought a cheapo one from ebay that looked exactly the same. It didn't work so I bought another cheapo adapter but a cabled version this time also from ebay (30-pin to lightning and a 3.5mm jack), this didn't work either

Any ideas?

I love the Nano for the car, perfect size. So I thought I'd buy an Ipod Touch for use on the docking unit but that has the same lightning connector so am not going to bother

Please help!

Thanks in advance

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Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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