How can I amplify weak wi-fi signal in different parts of my house?

  • Asked by fn from Sao Paulo
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    The wi-fi signal is subject to the same rules as sound or light. The more obstacles in the way, the weaker the signal. You always have the option of adding more hardware, but this may not be the best answer. If you add more devices, called bridges, they will connect to the original wi-fi source, then repeat the signal and extent the range of the network.

    The best way to amplify signal is to chose a good location for the source. Given that your modem is in a specific location in the house, you can use a long ethernet cable and place the wi-fi device in a central spot in the house, allow the waves to spread before hitting the first wall. There are plenty of websites, which show you how to chose a good location for your wi-fi access point in your house.

    • Answered by Szymon M from Saranac