how do I extend my signal with 2 airport expresses?

i purchased 2 aiport expresses last year. is there a way to use them together to extend signal from my house to an adjacent office?

  • Asked by fn from Montreal
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    Yes as long as one is plugged into a modem and you have internet cable service like FIOS or time warner. You will need to use the airport utility app either on a mac or an iPhone or iPad. Once your basic Airport express that is plugged into the modem is set up, just plug the other one in and the utility will :find" it and ask you if you want to use it as an extension. You don't even need to put in the password it will be like you have one wireless router but your range will be far greater.

    • Answered by Christopher B K from New York
  • This is an old but probably popular question. This document is the font of all Apple networking information:
    You can find it through Support > Airport > Manuals or reconstruct the following link:

    Start with page 6, follow the link to page 40, then skim forward to page 43 where the process is detailed.

    • Answered by Jonathan O