How is the flash drive formatted as I'm looking for something to transfer imovies to.

Last year I made an imovie for my holiday which was about 45 mins long, and a mixture of photos and videos.I was able to drag and drop it onto a Sandisk 32gb flash drive without any problems, and can view it on my tv through the XBox.This year I have done the same thing and my movie is about 30 mins.When I try to drag and drop to the same usb stick, which has 14gb storage left on it, I get a message saying the volume is too large.I reduced the quality & also compressed through Quick Time Player to about 3gb but it still won't transfer to the stick.I am wondering if this Sandisk usb stick is formatted to better suit the Mac but does it then mean it won't work in the XBox?

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SanDisk Loop USB 3.0 Flash Drive

SanDisk Loop USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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  • I believe all these SanDisk USB devices are formated with MS-DOS (FAT32). The reason for this is that the USB devices are typically used between platforms (macOS, Windows, et al). With the built-in format, MS-DOS (FAT-32), as explained, the file size limitation is 2GB.

    So, if you are all Apple then you can reformat the USB device to an Apple-friendly format like, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) via the Disk Utility located in the Utilities directory (from Finder, Command-Space-U to open the Utilities directory). Remember though that you will not be able to mount this USB device on another platform like Windows.

    I keep both format flavors so I use the best option for the situation.

    Good luck.

    • Answered by William A from Mission Viejo