How many amps does the Belkin WeMo switch handle?

Belkin WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch

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    OK, just after I submitted the question, I continued to sleuth for an answer. I viewed the image of the switch and there on the plate near the power prongs was the information on amperage or current draw.

    So, the answer is 15 amps. Multiplying that number by the voltage provides the number of watts which the switch can handle.

  • The documentation says 1800 watts. That's 15 amps at 120 volts. That's about the same as most regular switches.

  • This thing can definitely handle what it says it can. I have an old wall AC unit in my apartment and it is horrible at maintaining the temperature in my place. I put a kil-a-watt on it to see how much it pulls. It pulls 14 amps at 120v from the wall. I bought the WeMo Switch to set on/off rules to have my AC only run for set amounts of time, or be able to remotely turn it on and off. This thing works awesome. I've had my AC on for 6 hours straight once and it never tripped the WeMo. Pulling almost 1500w non-stop for 6 hours shows this thing is built pretty good. And it works good for on/off rules. Guess they guy who said he bets on it tripping at 200w needs to pay up.

  • The contactor built into the WeMo is pretty wimpy.
    The weak point is its ability to OFF-switch under a heavy load.
    I suspect that the WeMo will not survive very many such events at say 200 watts or more.
    I'd love to see some test results.
    Hey, does anyone want to try a test?
    We could set up a betting pool. I'll bet on 20 OFF events at 200 watts.