How many bulbs can be paired with one bridge

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

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    Each Philips Hue Bridge can control up to 50 HUE bulbs.

  • Officially up to 50 but some people have done more

  • I've currently got 60 on one bridge.

  • 63 bulbs is the absolute number of hue bulbs one bridge will take. Philips say stable smooth running - 50 bulbs recommended - but can take 63 - after that no more bulbs can be added on. If you wish to add more you will need second bridge and reconfigure to another device- like how you started with the first one. With second device. One app one device won't let you add more than 63. I have found out that if you use onswitch-app; you can delete old bulbs with official Philips hue bulb add new bulb; but on switch will still control that old bulb- like say you added bulbs in "bedroom all"- taken off one of the old bulbs in Philips app- add as new bulb for that group; ONSWITCH APP -will still control the old bulbs though that bulb won't appear on the bulb list.

    Not sure how many of those onswitch will do.
    Philips should increase bulb connectivity with bridge to 100- as 1) one bulb per room is never enough; I have 5/6 bulbs per room - add the hue go, strips and aura , bloom- you run out of 63 bulbs space very quick. Contemplating on second bridge- but I shouldn't have to- Philips please work on this!!!