I am on a provider that use coaxial cables, so how do I connect them? Do I have to keep my Superhub as a mediator? Will this not affect the quality?

Virgin Broadband coaxial to Airport Time Capsule

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AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    The coaxial cable is your ISP's raw data signal which must be fed through a modem first. Your ISP provided you with a "Superhub" that is basically a combination of a modem and a router. All you have to do is connect the AirPort to the Superhub using an ethernet cable and configure Airport. To avoid wireless signal confusion (since both wireless signals will be running simultaneously) run your router in Modem Mode, which basically turns off the router part of the Superhub.

    Log on to Superhub through IP to change to Modem Mode:

    Once you do that, you'll lose access to Superhub's router (since it's basically turned off now) but you can still have access to the Modem at the following address, and if you need to you can turn the router part back on again:

    • Answered by Souheil M from Springfield