If I have the headset on, will email/text notification sounds still play on the phone, or just the headset?

I had a A2DP capable Plantronics headset in the past, paired with an iPhone 4 that when on, all of the notification sounds that usually came from the phone would ONLY be played through the headset. Since I'm not one those people that always has their headset in their ear 24/7, an incoming email or text notification would be missed. Bose tech said that it's an Apple specific option and I'm hoping someone out there can tell me. Thanks.

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    The Bose Bluetooth isolates all sound to your earpiece. If I want to also "hear" an alert from my iPhone device, I set it to Vibrate. With Vibrate On I can hear and/or feel the soft vibration alert if I'm not wearing my earpiece. The Bose tech is wrong, as far as I know, there is no other Apple iOS specific setting to by-pass the earpiece when Bluetooth is On and the Bose headset is selected. Bose does not supply any software or App for the earpiece.

    If someone knows differently I'd like to know too.