If i use airport express as main router from modem and connect to airport extreme in separate building 150 feet away, does the 10/100 LAN ratelimit th

I want to improve my existing 6 year old network. My existing network uses Linksys W54G router connected to Charter cable modem. This is connected to a switch and Linksys access point in main house 150 feet away via 5e cable. Both locationis have computers wired to network as well as wireless connections as well.
I want to add hard drive capability connectd directly to this network aswell as increase speed of the system. Ideally I would like to replace Linksys router with airport express that would serve as the primary router feeding an airport extreme as a bridges router that has hard drive connected to it in the main house.
Will the 10/100 limit of the express limit the overall communications speed between the modem and main house wireless running on the APE? Will the computer in the office building be ablle to talk to the hard drive on the airport extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Traverse City
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AirPort Extreme

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    All should work fine. I am using an Airport Extreme as my main router with an ASUS RT 66 router as an access point. They work fine. Your CAT5E should be fine.That is 100mb. You limitation will your internet connection depending what you have. I have Road Runner Extreme which is a 30mb down 5 up. Your bottle neck will always be your connection to your provider..
    As for the pc in the office building seeing the hard drive, it should. Good luck. I have tried many routers and the Airport Extreme is by far the best I have purchased.

    • Answered by Paul S from Amsterdam
  • Hi. I do it the other way round. I have my extreme to the router and the xpress as an extension. Mine is only 50ft but works great. On wifi alone.Clear line of sight is needed though. Incidentally your express will pick up the extreme and link it. It will ask you in the setup.

    • Answered by Vincent K