In case of a power outage will the WeMo keep the last state it was in. I.E if it was on will it stay on after the power outage is over.

I want to use it to be a remote reset for my IT gear when I am away from home.

Belkin WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch

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    It will not keep the last state. WeMo will revert to OFF.

  • I found a solution for this. Connect your WeMo to IFTTT, and then set up an IFTTT rule for that specific switch, essentially:
    (1) If LivingRoom1 is OFF.
    (2) Turn LivingRoom1 ON.

    If you manually turn off that switch, it will come back on within 5 seconds by IFTTT.

    If you unplug the switch (simulate a power failure) then plug it back in, it will take up to 3-5 minutes for the switch to boot up, connect to wifi, and to be registered with IFTTT. As has been stated elsewhere, the switch comes back after a power failure in the OFF state. Once IFTTT sees that the switch is OFF, it turns it back ON. It works beautifully, it brought tears to my eyes.

    It works perfectly to keep my home Mac Mini turned on!

  • Very smart Charlie... I will look to do the same!!! I'm assuming it will maintain the last state, or at least as long as it can. If power goes out, unless you have a UPS feeding power to it, it's going to shut-off. Now if you meant regarding settings.... well that will be up to your system. Hope that answers your question.

  • We just bought one of these (August 2014) and the WeMo does NOT keep the last power state. Always comes back on OFF. That bites. We were going to use the WeMo for a critical HVAC device and assumed that in the case of a power outage it would come automatically back to life.

    Bad solution #1: Use the remote app thru WIFI to manually turn on the WeMo. Means you have to keep checking all night long until the power outage ends... then manually turn on the WeMo. Yuck.

    Bad solution #2: Setup a bunch of Rules to turn ON the WeMo at various times throughout the day Means that if you setup 24 rules, one per hour of the day, when the power outage ends... you may end up waiting for up to an hour for ON to WeMo. I wonder how many Rules we can set up in a WeMo. One per minute would be 60*24 = 1400 rules. Yuck.

    BEST solution would be, fix the FIRMWARE, have the WeMo restore the last power state.

  • I know this is a while since the original post, but for people still wanting an answer to this question, I can confirm when I use the Wemo it remains in OFF state after a power outage. It does however still connect to Wifi, therefore you are able to switch on remotely.

    My circumstance: I setup a rule to switch on an item at 9:30pm every night, there are no Off rules, just an on rule. When I go to bed I switch the Wemo off at the power supply (please don't ask why, I can't be bothered to explain), then in the morning I switch the power supply back on. The Wemo does not switch the item on, it remains in an Off state until that evening when it switches on at 9:30pm automatically again using the daily On rule.

    Hope that clears this up.