Is it ok to charge iPad Pro 10.5 with 29 w adapter and USB-c? If so, how long to reach 100%?

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

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    It's perfectly safe to charge your 10.5" iPad Pro with the 29w USB c adapter. It will charge it significantly faster than the included 12w adapter. On my 12.9" iPad Pro 2017 it took the initial charge time of about 5 hours and almost halved it. It takes me about 2 hours and 45 minutes to charge the iPad Pro fully. It should be slightly faster on your 10.5" iPad. The charger uses USB C PD (Power Delivery) to charge your iPad at a faster rate. This is the same technology found in Google's Nexus and Pixel devices, the current MacBooks and most higher end windows laptops with USB type C.