Is it possible to stream music at 24/192 via the new airport express using the optical output

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Kenneth has a very simple question that very few people understand unfortunatelly. I wondered about this myself, because I would very much be able to stream hi-res audio via AE. I ended up calling Apple Support to get a straight answer. After waiting on the phoneline and eventually be put trough to a person that should have been able to answer, he really did not understand the question. But eventually he was able to ask a colleage and the answer was clear! NO, the new AE is not technically upgraded, same resolution as before 16-bit wordlenght and samplerate "locked" to 44,1kHz. So Apple confirmed Apple TV still has the edge with 16/48, but it dont do much difference for me.

    I bought the new AE later only because the the extra ethernet port, that was practical for me so I could connect my Apple TV to new AE LAN port.

    And I can confirm the new AE still is 16/44, I see the sample rate on my DAC. If the audio from my computer is 24/96.... AE will still down sample to 16/44 as always..too bad!!