Is it really compatible with 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019? This MBP requires 96W - but dock is only able to serve 85W.

Is this dock really compatible with 16-inch MBP 2019? According to specification right on this page, it is able to supply only 85W, but 16-inch MBP requires 96W. Can somebody try to put 16-inch MBP under a full load (e.g. by video encoding) and check, if it is able to keep battery on 100% while connected to this dock?

  • Asked by Martin B

3 Answers from the Community

  • Yes it can charge it and keep it at 100% charge, but other issues listed below is expected: - The laptop will not detect display immediately, you have to unplug and replug multiple times, specially when in MBP is in sleep and the connected. - External sound system issues specially with Bose Companion, For Example, if you are playing a video in a browser, then pause it and move to another window, sound will never work again until you unplug the complete sound system and replug it in.

    • Answered by Malath A from New Castle
  • Under full load it is unable to keep my MBP 2019 charged. The power indicator will say the source is Power Adapter, but the battery will drain (slowly) and eventually the computer will shut itself off.

    • Answered by Alexander P from Hoboken
  • I was told by the Apple Store it will, just at a slower speed.

    • Answered by Travis C from Valrico