Is this battery case compatible with the iPhone SE second generation?

  • Asked by Stevens J from Augusta

6 Answers from the Community

  • Yes it is compatible with the SE 2020, I currently have it on my SE 2020 it is a perfect fit and no issues at all. Battery life is now amazing / doubled. and I no longer need a battery app. Money well spent in my opinion,

    • Answered by Selima N
  • Yes it is. I know because I use one on mine and it works perfectly. Fits perfectly too.

    • Answered by Kevin G from Cape Coral
  • Yes, it seems to fit perfectly and work fine with my iPhone SE (2nd generation), except that you lose wireless charging since the case doesn't support it.

    • Answered by Ronald M from Sacramento
  • I’ve been using one with mine for a couple of days now. Works perfectly.

    • Answered by Jamie R from Knoxville
  • Yes you can use it with the new IPhone SE 2020. The only downside is that you will no longer be able to do wireless charging. I’m currently using it on my SE 2020 with no problems other than no wireless charging.

    • Answered by Masuoka I from Kaneohe
  • Yes! Works fine with the new iPhone SE only thing you lose is the wireless charging capability.

    • Answered by Dominic P