No internet, rural area. does the airport ex allow me to play music over the airports wifi network to speakers?

My wife and I live in a very rural area without internet. We have a mobile share plan (with tethering) for out Iphone 4s'. I want to setup a wireless speaker network to play my itunes music around the house. Will the airport express allow this?

If I understand correctly, I will need to purchase multiple airport expresses. Let's say, 4 total, 1 for each room I want speakers in and one connected to my PC with my Itunes library? I connect each airport to a set of speakers in said rooms and I can control the itunes library from my iphone via an app from anywhere in the house, and it's all completed wireless save the connections from airport ex to speakers and pc.

please help me make sure this is clear before I go and spend $400 bucks on these pups.

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Yes! Your music will still stream regardless of having an actual internet connection or not.