Not sure I like the loss of the built-in plug -- that made installation so simple -- but is the plug a single wire or part of a brick system?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    You can also buy a small adapter that allows you to plug it directly into a wall. Just like the old days except it doesn't fold down flat.

    The connector that plugs into the Express is called IEC type C7
    The regular wall 2-prong wall plug is called N E M A 1-15

    I can't post a link here, but those search terms should help you find one online for about $5.

  • It uses a Single Wire

  • You must use the wired plug unless there is an aftermarket plug that is narrow enough to allow the lan cable to be plugged into the wan port. Apple's own plugs block the port. Terrible design.

  • Like the apple tv there is no power brick, just a single wire.

  • Single wire

  • Single Wire... Suspect there will be third party plug units/mounts very soon

  • Single wire

  • Single wire, electric shaver style.

  • Single wire.

  • It's a single wire the same as you find in the apple tv

  • Single wire.. Great for using a hotel outlet that is behind a dresser..