Once you've paid for the AirPort Express Station, is there an extra monthly charge for accessing the WiFi?

  • Asked by fn from Miami
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    The AirPort Express is a wireless router. Assuming that you already buy internet service from an internet service provider, such as Comcast XFINITY Time Warner, Verizon FIOS, etc., which is how you connected to ask this question, you'll attach their modem to the AirPort Express. When you use your wireless device, such as a MacBook or an iPad, it will connect through the AirPort Express to the modem and then out to the internet service. So more than likely, you won't pay any more than you're paying already, but you can check with your specific internet service provider. If you don't currently buy any internet service, and are asking this question while sitting in a Starbucks or library somewhere, then sure, once you've installed the AirPort Express at home, you'll still need to buy your own internet service from one of those providers, and they usually charge a flat fee per month, often cheaper if combined with cable TV and/or telephone services.

    Hope that helps.

    • Answered by Larry S from Brookline