Phone line or t mobile

Do you need a land line?

  • Asked by fn from Wallingford
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  • I am not necessarily sure I understand but if you are asking do you need a landline to use the airport extreme the answer is ..It depends. You can set up a home network with all your computers and heck hook up the neighbours routers to yours and have a whole block connected but you wont have internet. Now you can use a cell phone and tether it so that you have internet access but you will be on 4G speeds at best (and that isnt likely you would probably be on 3G speeds and then there would be the bills that wold either be expensive or you would only be allowed a small amount of data transfer.

    There are other possibilities like satellite internet or line of site (which is like satellite but your dish points to a transmitter tower that is on the earth usually on a mountain side etc. but you cant have anything between you and the transmitter hence 'line of site'
    Some cities have a wireless internet network that blankets the city or large areas of it meaning you can have internet anywhere as long as your within the transmission zones.
    Sadly we Americans and Canadians are way behind most countries when it comes to internet connection. Even some countries that are third world have better, faster, cheaper (in some cases free) internet connection. Idont mind so much paying but when you hear that others are getting 10MB a sec download speeds for less than we get our supposedly best cable internet speeds around 1.5 MB sec and pay through the nose for that. Also the fact that they throttle our speeds drastically instead of just leting us use whats there. It isnt like if you surf at higher speeds you wear out the equipment anyfaster...?? And there is always wirelessly piggybacking off a neighnour but of course you would ask them and then help pay a portion of their bill.........Right??

    • Answered by Todd L from Burnaby