print from USB and LAN using 2 different printers?

Can I connect 2 different printers, one into USB and the other through Ethernet cable and be able to print to both? AND can I use this to extend my current wireless network so the printers can connect wirelessly instead of long cables?

  • Asked by fn from Elk Grove
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AirPort Express

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    first of all you need to consider 2 things, one if you are using a pc or a mac. if you are using a pc you have to download 2 programs form the apple web site: the first one called: bonjour for windows and the other one called: airport utility for windows, just make sure you're using the latest versions.
    airport utility is used to config the settings in your airport express, the latter program is going to be used to discover and config the printer in your windows system.
    on the other hand macs are a totally different world, you don't have to install any of those programs because both applications are already in the OS. there are plenty of tutorials on the web that can give you a very clear and detailed idea on how you can install a printer and set your airport express in a windows system.

    thirdly, you have to install the second printer, so as to do this you need to check if your printer has got an internal Lan card or it doesn't have any. if your printer does have one, just connect the printer into the lan port of your airport express, read the instructions that comes with the printer or visit the manufacture's web site for further details on this topic.
    but if your printer does not have any internal lan card, don't worry about that just plug in the printer to the USB port in your airport extreme then use the bonjour utility to discover the device and then installed it in your windows pc.
    To install a printer on a mac just go to system preferences, then make click on the icon named print and scan, there are plenty of info on the web about this. I hope this can give you an idea.

    • Answered by Charles I from Lake Hopatcong