Re the 1.9% flat rate: Who pays? Merchant or customer? And who does this go to? Visa, MasterCard and AMEX, or merchant's bank?

I'm interested in purchasing this for a club I'm involved with where we collect payments for functions. We have our account with a major Australian bank, but I'm not sure who pays for what. A little bit of guidance on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Asked by fn from Sylvania
Square EMV Chip Card Reader

Square EMV Chip Card Reader

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    As the merchant, you pay for the processing fee. In Australia you can choose to add this on to the sale price for the customer in order to recover that cost (eg. to charge the customer $101.90 for a $100 product). The fees are split between the bank and the card issuer (Visa et al) in accordance with the deals they have done with each other, which are commercial in confidence.

    • Answered by Scott F from Pearsall