Storage help please :)

Hi I have an 11inch MacBook Air and I have run out of memory/storage space ( didn't realise it had so little upon purchasing as I received as a gift) . Is an airport time capsule something suitable for me to use as additional storage? Or is there another product?

If kind enough to give me some advice please use layman's terms as I am not techy whatsoever !

Thank you in advance.

  • Asked by fn
  • Asked about:  AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

1 Answer from the Community

  • With a MacBook, you should have the program
    Time Machine will manage backup.
    It works GREAT with Time Capsule! Quick and easy.

    It will Sync regularly.
    The first Backup will take a while, but the ones that follow are very fast!.

    Good luck

    • Answered by Christopher P from Stuart