Can I output music from an iMac through my surround sound system using AppleTV via my home wireless network?

I have a surround sound system which includes a TV, audio system and apple TV (version 1). My goal is to be able to output music through apple TV via my wireless network. For example, I'd like to create a playlist on my imac and then output it through Apple TV and thus my surround sound system. Hopefully I can use the equipment I already have without spending a fortune to make this happen. Thanks for any assistance.

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    If your receiver has an Optical (Toslink), you can use an optical cable to connect the Apple TV to the receiver. From there, you can send music from your Mac wirelessly to the ATV and it will play through your sound system. This setup allows you to play music from your Mac without having to switch the TV on.

    • Answered by Todd G from Glastonbury
    • 09/07/2013
  • I believe that if you connect the HDMI output cable of the AppleTV to your audio system, which would then also pass its output to your TV, that you could listen to iTunes from your iMac. On the AppleTV side, you need to turn on Computer Sharing, configure it for your iTunes from you iMac, and then contents of your iMac iTunes will be available to AppleTV. The rest depends upon your stereo system receiver/amp - if it supports HDMI inputs and outputs, you should be able to wire things up appropriately

    • Answered by Henry M from Lafayette
    • 14/06/2013