Can I use an Apple TV to view NFL Game Rewind / Season Plus online streaming?

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    I don't know about Season Plus, but for NFL Game Rewind the answer is no. The iPad app explicitly blocks airplay with Apple TV. When watching a game on your iPad with NFL Game Rewind, if you turn on airplay to view it on your Apple TV, the app goes blank and displays a static NFL Game Rewind banner. I believe that the app authors had to do work to make this happen, (no other apps on my iPad behave the same way), so it seems to be an explicit business decision by the NFL, not a technical limitation of airplay.

    While a cute trick technically, I think this is a silly decision by the NFL. To get around it, hook up the cheapest PC you can find with an HDMI out port to your big screen TV watch on.

    • Answered by George S from Seattle
    • 20/11/2013
  • As long as you have an app that can do that you should be fine but if you don't have an app the Apple TV itself cannot do those things.

    • Answered by Budhi S from Cobram
    • 02/06/2013