can I use an hybrid cable, HDMI-VGA to connect to a TV without HDMI?

Currently I can connect my I Pad to my HD big screen Sony that has only VGA and other computer input but no HDMI, with an hybrid HDMI -VGA or other PC input and I can streaming from Netflix and Itunes movies. Can I connect the AppleTV to this Sony with and Hybrid cable?

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  • Probably. Mine is connected via an HDMI -> DVI cable. I have not tried it with a DVI -> VGA adapter, but chances are pretty good it would work. You won't get sound via HDMI though, and will have to use the optical audio port with a toslink cable. If your receiving device doesn't have an optical audio input, you'll have to buy a separate converter. Be wary of what you get though, as some won't convert certain audio formats. Make sure to read the reviews if you need to go that route. Mine won't do video with AC3 audio, but AAC works fine. Never had any audio problems streaming from the iTunes store or any of the built in apps.

    • Answered by Adam P from Eagan
    • 14/02/2015