can I use AppleTV in Azerbaijan to watch British TV and films

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    depends, yes you can, and if you want easy life go to option 2

    1.if it is apple tv 1 or 2 , jailbreaking it with firecore atv software ( apple does not aprove it but ooh well) ..this does not work on apple tv 3, since it cant be jailbreaken.

    2.if you have any apple devices like ipod touch, iphone or ipad, get the free
    App from apple store "filmon tv" , and screen it to the apple tv, this is how you can watch UK channels and 24 movies in english( with arabic subs but who cares-in Arabic channels on Filmon"..
    in order to the screening to work, both the tablet and the apple tv have to be on the same wireless network, if you add films to itunes on your computer , turn on home sharing on itunes, and watch all these movies on your tv, your computer doesn't need to be in the same room, but must be on the same wireless network at home.

    this method would also allow you to listen on you apple tv to the music you have on your computer and watch the pictures u have

    good luck

    • Answered by Nadir H from Oxford
    • 05/05/2013