Can I watch movie using iPhone4S to MacbookPro by apple TV?

I have an iPhone4S and watch movie on it a lot. But sometimes just too small to watch. I want to find a way to connect my iPhone to my MacbookPro and the movie will shows on my MacbookPro. So do I need an Apple TV ?

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  • It is unclear what your video source for movies is.
    Macbook Pro's and Iphones both have access to iTunes and the movies you purchase from Apple. In that case, both will work.
    Each has a web browser. Whatever movies you get through the internet, each should be able to view the movie.

    Apple TV does not have a web browser as far as I know. Thus, not every video source is available. They should proboably update apple TV so their is a web browser and movies you purchase from other sources can be used.
    WIth that said, Apple TV has access to Itunes as well. Provided you are using the same itune account on each, it should also be able to view the same movie purchased using Itunes.

    I don't know if Apple's Airplay will work with your iphone 4s. I know Apple's iphone 5 does. Video that is displayed on your iphone is mirrored on the TV by the Apple TV. However, I don't know about the video quality. I know that songs played using Apples' Airplay are supposed to be of high quality. However, video signals are a significantly greater in size and may be compressed.

    • Answered by Bill A from Mission Viejo
    • 03/08/2013