Can the Apple TV be projected on a Projector screen or do you absolutely need a TV

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    You can use a projector with your Apple TV. I do. However it needs to be a projector with HDMI input. The projector also needs to have it's own speakers or audio out unless you have separate speakers that have optical sound input. You can buy a sound converter to convert optical sound to phono output. I use my iPad to give presentations (and movies) to a projector via Apple TV using airplay which is good as you can roam with the iPad with no cables.

    • Answered by David C
    • 24/10/2012
  • If your projector supports HDCP (required for playing all iTunes protected content) then it will work with your projector just fine. Please refer to your projector's manual for HDCP support.

    Please keep in mind that HDCP is different from HDMI. HDMI is a type of connection that Apple TV and most HD projectors support. HDCP is a protection mechanism that works on the HDMI connection and your display (either a TV or a projector) must support.

    • Answered by Andre B from Redmond
    • 23/10/2012
  • My son hooked his up to his projector and the picture is amazing!!

    • Answered by Sherri B from Osborne
    • 22/10/2012
  • Yes you can. If it is an HDMI projector than it would also look nicer.

    • Answered by Jackson M from Granbury
    • 22/10/2012
  • It's no different than a Blu-Ray player or video game console--anything with an HDMI input should work.

    • Answered by James J M from Boston
    • 21/10/2012