Can you buy a longer cord setup for your apple tv ? I need a 10 -15 foot set up .

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    You just need to search for a 10-15 ft hdmi cable. I did a quick web search and found one at amazon. All you need to connect the Apple TV is the hdmi cable and power cord.... And of course , a wireless network.. If you have a wall mounted TV, they also sell the wall mount kit for the Apple TV at the apple online store.hope this helps

    • Answered by Tina S from West Palm Beach
    • 02/11/2012
  • Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Apple TV, like printers, does not come with a connector cable: only a power cable. So you would get your own, and the length is completely up to you. 15 feet is totally doable.

    • Answered by Marc D from Hamilton
    • 02/11/2012
  • If you mean that you are going to place your Apple TV a nice distance away from your tv then yes. You can buy many HDMI cables of all sorts of length and from all sorts of companies.

    • Answered by Wilmer C from Palm Bay
    • 03/11/2012
  • You can buy 10-15 foot HDMI cables in the shops and use an extension lead for the Apple TV power cable.

    • Answered by David R
    • 03/11/2012