What channels can I watch on apple tv

Is it Like direct tv or cox cable, what channels can you receive , are there any monthly fees for tv channels

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    Apple TV does not provide television programming in the way that a cable service does. All television shows on Apple TV are purchased individually in the same way that you would purchase music to play on your iPod, and the price can really add up if you watch a lot of TV.

    However, Apple TV does allow you to watch programming through Hulu and Netflix. If these online streaming services would work well for you, Apple TV is definitely worth the investment. We love our Apple TV, it is a nice addition to our entertainment system

    • Answered by Robyn M from Raleigh
    • 05/10/2012
  • what channels I can watch on apple tv

    • Answered by Mohammed T from Detroit
    • 11/07/2013
  • What channels can I watch on apple tv

    • Answered by Nicholas F
    • 28/06/2013