Can I use windows live mail on the ipad

Can I download Windows live messenger on my ipad or do I need a special program.

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    If you buy the iPad from an Apple Retail store, they will set it up for you before you leave.

    If not, just go into Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account (under Email)

    You should be able to select a Windows Live or Hotmail account and just type in your e-mail username and password.

    When you use your Mail app for the first time it will automatically bring prompt you through the setup process where you can select Windows Live/Hotmail.

    Don't worry, it's easy!

    • Answered by Hannah C
    • 27/03/2012
  • Yes theres an app
    You dont need any special program just your apple id

    • Answered by Wardha B from Mississauga
    • 23/03/2012
  • yes, just go to the built in mail app on your iPad and sync them.

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • 23/03/2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Leonie B from Elizabeth East
    • 29/12/2012
  • no you can't use it on the iPad

    • Answered by Cristiano R from Melbourne
    • 25/03/2012