can i write my name on the back of my ipad

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    Yes, you can! Also known as engraving, you can engrave your iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle, Touch, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad with Retina Display (4th generation). Please do note you can only engrave it within purchase at ONLINE APPLE STORE. You can't get engraving anywhere else but that.

    • Answered by Yap B
    • 04/03/2013
  • Yes, also called engrave. Only if you buy the device from the online store at, in other words where you are right now. ;) When you try to purchase a device, it will give you the option to engrave something, about 15 words, I guess. ;))

    But if you already got it. A marker is not a bad idea, a permanent one, not dry erase. ;)) Thank you for reading. Hope I answered your question.

    • Answered by Roman F from Asheville
    • 01/03/2013
  • Yes you can, just use a sharp knife (preferably diamond edged) and cut the back of your Ipad, but if you want it to be proffesionally made you will have to order it from the offical apple site

    • Answered by Bryce L from New York City
    • 27/02/2013